The Step-By-Step Course for Interesting Men on How To Meet An Amazing Woman Without Going to Bars, Clubs, or Using Online Dating



Why Listen to Me About Dating and Social Development?

Just three years ago, I was interviewed by FOX's Good Day New York, NYTimes, CNN, VICE, USA, and much more…

Today, I'm coaching the most successful men in the world... with them all married or in long-term relationships with the woman of their dreams….

Finally, I've packaged my hyper-effective system into a new 3-hour dating course which is made for interesting, successful men to maximize their personalities and meet women the way it was intended: Without acting, anxiety, or sleaziness.

The Perfect Dating Life is a social development program for men interested in creating the most efficient and effective process catered to their desired dating and social lifestyle.

You will learn exactly how to build, maintain, and leverage a social circle with exactly the type of people that suit your personality and life goals. Gone are the days where a man is lowered to finding women on the street like a dog, or prowling in bars and clubs to leech from other people's group of friends. You are a different kind of man. You value real connections and thus desire a quality, sustainable social life that serves you—instead of drains you.

The Perfect Dating Life was made with interesting, successful men in mind. The men with a strong sense of purpose in life, who have things to say, and goals to achieve. You want to spend your time doing more than playing a game with women. You'll learn how to invest in and benefit from powerful, exciting relationships that constantly take you on new adventures through life.

Here is how the program works:

Module 1: Your Constant Pitfalls

(The most important module as most people are wasting so much time on inefficient social avenues and won't stop unless completely bowled-over with why it's killing your long-term success.)

a. Explaining exactly why online dating is the biggest waste of time for your dating life.
b. Why bars and clubs are absolutely killing your efficiency in meeting women who love you.
c. You get an introduction to the possibilities of where and how to meet the perfect women that you're looking for. Here, we set the groundwork for your master plan.

Module 2: Where To Meet The Perfect Women for You

a.  I teach you how to manufacture your own personalized dating system made specifically for the gorgeous, amazing women who are looking for you.
b. I give you a list of resources that point you to the women you’ve specified for your system. Then I show you how to hack them to your benefit.
c. I give you an amazingly efficient social technique that literally brings groups of the women you want paying to come to your home and meet you. I show you examples of how I did it.

Module 3: How To Meet The Perfect Women for You

a. The biggest revelation you will ever make in your dating life and how to leverage it: The 90210 Theory — or — The Hot Woman Principle.
b. How to effortlessly create a circle of hot women and cool guys so you never have to approach in a bar ever again.
c. How to position yourself as a sexual candidate with your hot friends from the beginning.
d. The crippling slip-ups dating coaches hardly ever mention that are constantly getting you forever locked into the friend zone.
e. How to build your dating life to a small, amazing group of gorgeous babes—and how to manage the dynamics of each relationship.
f. Exactly how to consistently and exclusively meet the greatest women meant specifically for your requirements—without wasting time meeting or dating un-eligible women.

Secret #1

How to Attract The Perfect Women Without Doing Anything Differently (And Why Being An Alpha Male Is Literally Idiotic)

Secret #2

How to Meet Amazing Women WITHOUT Going to Bars/Clubs or Using Online Dating
(This Will Definitely Surprise You!)

Secret #3

How to get Groups Of The Perfect Women PAYING YOU to Come to Your Home
(This is Extremely Easy and It Even Surprised Me Once I Cracked The Code)

Plus Huge Bonuses

  • Bonus #1: Just take the course and I'll give you The OkCupid Blueprint which gives you a systemized process for getting filtered, targeted dates at less than five minutes a day! Just plug-in the profile and message template info and go!
  • Bonus #2: You're getting a coaching call with Anthony Recenello on exactly how to take your dating life to the next level. (Cost on my website is $1,000!)
  • Bonus #3: Private Member's Community. Perhaps the BEST bonus for enrolling in The Perfect Dating Life Program is access to the private Facebook community. This is a highly active and supportive group of men following The Perfect Dating Life program as you are. All-in-one place to get help, support, motivation, and encouragement as you go through losing your fear once and for all.

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